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    A self-improvement plan that takes your mental health seriously

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    Sensa is proudly nominated for an UCSF Health Hub Digital Health Award – 2022.

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    Tara E, 28

    My spontaneity often led to missed deadlines and forgotten commitments. This ADHD plan introduced me to mindfulness techniques that have grounded me in ways I never imagined. I'm more present in my tasks now, and surprisingly, I'm enjoying the moments rather than racing through them.

    Lily M, 37

    Dealing with ADHD felt like being in a constant battle with my own mind. The impulsivity aspect had me making decisions I'd later regret. What Sensa offered was not just strategies to manage my impulses, but also an understanding of why they happen.

    Catherine P, 26

    My creativity has always been my strength, but ADHD made it hard to harness it effectively. The structure and tools provided by this app have been a revelation. I've learned to channel my creative bursts into productive outputs.

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