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Your personal anxiety and stress reduction plan

84 self-paced lessons from a personal behavioural psychologist that you can complete at your own pace

Simple 10-30 minutes activities to complete each day. However, when repeated for a month, they will hugely impact your mood, reaction to stress, and overall mental health

Weekly assessments that help you follow your achievements and see your improvement

Daily guidance that will make your journey easy

Personalized content about anxiety, to help you understand and manage your triggers

Tips on successful anxiety management so you always feel in control of your emotions

Quick-relief exercises to relax in stressful situations quickly

Real people. Real stories.

See how we've helped others:

Olivia A. 26

Sydney, New South Wales

The best choice I’ve made in a long time. I’ve been stressed for a while, and this was just what I needed. If you follow the steps, it will surely help. it won't be easy to change your behavior and old harmful patterns, but it is definitely worth it.

Sarah D. 37

Delaware, New Jersey

Thank you! I admit I was not too keen to start out. I have tried many similar programs, and all of them were too generic and not the right choice for me. Sensa taught me simple techniques for how to stay calm in this chaotic life. Right now, I am happy to share these tips with my teen daughter.

Kaitlyn F. 29

Los Angeles, California

My program is amazing. Sensa helped me to understand my stress patterns, and start to fix them. With this app, I am in control.

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