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    Get ready to reclaim fulfilling sleep habits

    With Switching Off, learn to:

    Fall asleep at your desired time and sleep for 7–8 hours per night

    Sleep throughout the night without waking up

    Fight sleep problems, such as acute insomnia

    Build effective and pleasant evening and morning routines

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    Bean tries to sleep at 3AM

    Sleeping - there’s a reason it’s so vital

    Lower your risk for serious health problems, such as diabetes and heart disease, all while reducing stress and improving your mood.

    During sleep, there’s plenty of activity going on below your consciousness. Our bodies need sleep to repair themselves, as well as form short-term memories and information into data you’ll remember.

    A good night of sleep helps you with:

    Increased concentration and focus

    Improved moods

    Reduced risk of depression

    A healthier immune system

    A stronger, healthier heart

    See for yourself the difference a good night of sleep makes 😴

    See how we’ve helped others:

    Brenda R, 38

    I realized after many years of feeling tired that my sleep patterns were to blame. This eBook really helped me fix some deep-rooted problems and start sleeping properly.

    Jessica W, 31

    Being able to track and note my sleep progress made a huge difference to its overall quality. I'd recommend this book to anyone suffering with insomnia or other sleep-related issues.

    Craig C, 40

    Sleep has always been a challenge for me – even after I managed to calm down my stress and anxiety. This ebook helped me to understand the mechanisms behind why I was having trouble – which has led to great progress in recent weeks.

    Start getting the sleep you deserve. Ready to switch off?

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