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12-month Sensa app subscription

The Sensa app is designed to work as your mental health assistant.

10 easy steps to permanently break up with binging

Mindful Eating Guide

Make calmness your new state of being

Guided Meditation Tracks

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So, what's included?

84 self-paced lessons

developed by professional behavioral therapists.

Simple 10 to 30 minute activities

for you to complete each day. Small steps lead to big results.

Weekly assessments

to ensure you follow your achievements and stay on track.

Daily guidance

helps you improve your wellbeing to remain free stress-free.

Personalized content

allows you to understand and manage a multitude of issues – including procrastination, ADHD, burnout, and anxiety.

Tips on successful mental health management

ensures you always feel in control of your thoughts and emotions.

A personalized, customizable habit plan

allows you to track your progress, eliminate bad habits, and create new, healthy ones.

Quick-relief exercises

to help you relax during stressful situations.

Reduce anxiety by eating mindfully

Eating well is one of the most important habits you can develop to reduce daily stress and boost your overall health. Learn how being more mindful of your food can help you reduce anxiety.

A practical approach to mindfulness

Mindfulness is the perfect way to reduce stress, and it doesn’t have to be focused on breathing exercises or meditation. Learn how to reduce anxiety every time you enjoy a meal.

In-depth information

Understand the ins and outs of mindful eating with one easy-to-digest ebook. This is the perfect first step to an anxiety-free life.

Ten mindful eating strategies

Try out 10 most important mindful eating exercises, complete with evidence-based research, precious tips, and the newest scientific information.

It’s time to start regaining joy in your life

We are glad to be here for you and guide you on your new path

Your digital therapist, in a pocket

Check-in how you feel to get emotional help anytime, anywhere.

Personalized strategy for your goal

Whether you want to melt anxiety or feel more grounded, we will create you a personalized strategy to help you get there – on your own terms.

Everything you need to feel better now – and later

From getting a quick stress relief to resetting your emotional patterns for good, you will get tools that help you experience a better quality of life.

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