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we've put together a short guide to the app below – this will help you navigate through Sensa's main features.

My Plan

My Plan is an 84 to 91-day plan that you are provided with instant access to upon completing your sign-up process and downloading the app. Each day contains reading material and a related ‘to-do’ task – you're able to do one per day only, ensuring your progress is smooth and sustained. This is the best way to build long-term habits.


Activities is a feature dedicated to your daily activity planning. The app provides 32 unique activities from 4 distinct groups: Health, Mindfulness, Relaxation, and Physical. In addition, you're able to add a customized activity. There are no limits on how many activities you can add – they can also be scheduled daily or on a recurring basis.

Mood Journal

The Mood Journal helps you keep track of your daily moods. Each day, you can enter as many moods as you like, and can select from 5 different mood options. There is daily, weekly, and monthly progress tracking – and you can also add comments to moods you have entered. This generally is a daily diary where you're able to keep track of your feelings.

Quick Relief

This is a set of different exercises that can help you gain a sense of relief if you are having a panic attack or feel increased anxiety. Generally, these include options like deep breathing exercises, or grounding moments.


When you finish purchasing and getting started with your plan, we will evaluate your current state of mental well-being. This is attained by the completion a DASS21 test – which assesses levels of anxiety, depression, and stress. The assessment section of the Sensa App contains the same test – you can complete it once every 7 days to track your improvement.

Find your inner peace

It may be difficult – but you’re not alone. Start using the Sensa app and take your life back. Get stress and anxiety under control, quit procrastinating, and achieve your full potential using one intuitive app.

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