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    Fear of rejection

    You tend to be limiting yourself in fear that you'll be rejected.

    Excessive self-doubt

    Your scores indicate that you have low self-confidence in yourself and your abilities.

    Strong inner critic

    You often beat yourself up for everything that doesn't go exactly to plan.


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    Erica T. 30

    Washington, USA

    I've suffered with low confidence for as long as I can remember. Finally, with Sensa, I feel like I'm getting back to my best. My self-esteem is so much higher than ever before.

    Steve S. 27

    Melbourne, AUS

    Doubt was pretty much my middle name at one point. Second-guessing every decision was so draining mentally – but I'm starting to change all that now, and Sensa has played a massive part in that change.

    Emily D. 33

    Portland, USA

    Learning how to make decisions that aren't based on fear has been a big eye-opener for me. I feel in control of my feelings more than ever.

    In a study published in the National Library of Medicine, it was determined that using the Sensa mobile app was related to decreased depression, anxiety, and stress symptoms.[1]

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    I know how you feel. The never-ending battle against self-doubt, low confidence, and always feeling like you're not good enough.

    That's exactly why we built Sensa. It's designed to work with you every day in order to build up your confidence gradually – eventually to a point in which you no longer need any support!

    I know that asking for help and admitting it to yourself can be tough, but don't worry – we are in this together ❤️


    Advisor Dainius

    Dainius Jakučionis MD

    The brains behind Sensa

    If you feel like you've done all you can – the Sensa self-esteem-boosting plan is perfect for you

    Life before you start using Sensa

    Feeling like you're not good enough

    Inability to focus

    Anxiety and stress

    Low self-confidence

    Emotional instability

    Life after you start using Sensa

    Starting each day with a smile

    Concise, laser-focus

    A relaxed state of mind

    Confidence to be truly yourself

    Emotional balance

    As featured in:

    So, what's included?

    28+ self-paced lessons

    developed by professional behavioral therapists.

    Simple 10 to 30 minute activities

    for you to complete each day. Small steps lead to big results.

    Daily guidance

    helping you maintain your routine, and make your journey to high self-esteem easy.

    Concise content

    that will help you both understand and manage your feelings of self-doubt and negative emotions.

    A customizable habit planner

    allows you to track your progress, eliminate bad habits, and create new, healthy ones.

    Quick-relief exercises

    to help you relax during stressful situations.

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