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    Build inner peace from the ground up

    Build your inner peace from the ground up

    Habit building strategies app perk

    Habit-building strategies

    Forming healthy habits can help improve your quality of life by introducing positive reinforcement to your daily routine. The Sensa app includes activities based on mindfulness, relaxation, physical health improvement, and more – all designed to give you a platform to work from.

    Weekly sssesments app perk

    Weekly assessments

    Science-based weekly assessments help you track your progress and monitor your improvement over time. By spending just a few minutes per week, you'll be able to see how your mental wellbeing grows and grows.

    Quick relief exercises app perk

    Quick relief exercises

    Sometimes, long-term strategies or plans are too big-picture – that's why quick-relief exercises are so important. The Sensa app contains a plethora of activities, from deep breathing and meditation to mindfulness and bodily sensation exercises, there's something for every moment; be it excessive stress, powerful negative emotions, or even panic or anxiety attacks.

    Self paced lessons app perk

    Self-paced lessons

    Healing at your own pace is a key factor in healing overall. Our brains need time to process new information and remove negative thoughts and emotions – which is why your lessons are daily, taking just 5-15 minutes of your time, and based on proven Cognitive Behavioral Therapy principles.

    Moood journal app perk

    Mood journal

    By diving deep into your subconsciousness, you begin to explore how you react to challenges and wins. By keeping track of your feelings and thoughts in the Mood Journal, you are able to reflect back and analyze the patterns that emerge from each passing day.

    How it works

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    2. Get your personalized action-plan

    Designed to work with you in mind

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    3. Become the best version of yourself!

    Designed to work with you in mind

    Don’t just take our word for it

    Hear how Sensa has improved the lives of these users

    Sarah H, 32

    Manchester, UK

    The Sensa app is really easy to use and offers a wide variety of programs, so there is something for everyone! It's engaging and the daily reminders keep me on top of things.

    Daniel B, 38

    Arizona, USA

    I tried some other apps before but none were as clear and simple as Sensa. It's given me the chance to reflect on my progress every day, and that's very important to me.

    Michelle A, 41

    Utah, USA

    Sensa is a super useful app for me. Not only does it give me updates on my progress through the assessments, but the daily content is always engaging and easy to understand.

    Designed with you in mind

    Sensa is here to guide you through your journey to self-love, unlocking scientifically-backed information to help you understand yourself better. Following the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), you are in control of your progress.

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