Don't miss out on these carefully selected anti-anxiety features

    28+ self-paced lessons

    developed by professional behavioral therapists.

    Simple 10 to 30 minute activities

    for you to complete each day. Small steps lead to big results.

    Daily guidance

    helps you maintain your routine and make your journey towards an anxiety-free life simple

    Concise content

    will help you both understand and manage your social anxiety triggers

    A customizable habit planner

    allows you to track your progress, eliminate bad habits, and create new, healthy ones.

    Quick-relief exercises

    to help you relax during stressful situations.

    Real people. Real stories.

    See how we've helped others:

    Sarah P, 34

    Syracuse, NY

    Social anxiety was holding me back for a long time. I was fearful of the most basic of social interactions – but thanks to Sensa I've learned to love myself and trust the process.

    Mellisa A, 29

    London, UK

    Fearing the worst was part of my daily routine. Being able to counter that and feel like things weren't always destined to go badly was a huge change in my life.

    David C, 40

    Austin, TX

    Admitting to myself that I needed help was the hardest part. Sensa made it easy – it's discreet, helpful, and most importantly it encourages me to be better every day.

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