A Closer Look at CBT

2 min read 2023 Nov 25

You’ve heard people talk about CBT… but what exactly is it? Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is one of the most widely used treatments for mental health conditions, and…

Your Body Knows You’re Suffering From Burnout: Learn How to Fight It

10 min read 2023 Aug 24

When every day feels like a bad day, painstakingly high exhaustion levels are too familiar, and you just don’t have any more energy to give, there’s no doubt…

4 Best Ways to Avoid Burnout

3 min read 2023 Jun 29

Burnout. It’s something that many of us have experienced at some point in our lives. But when burnout becomes your natural state of being – there’s a problem….

How to maintain concentration at work

How to Stay Focused at Work in a Distractive Environment

4 min read 2023 Jun 9

In a world full of notifications, flashy ads, and various other attention-grabbers, keeping focus laser-sharp is becoming more challenging than ever. While concentration is one of the critical…

Burnout Stages and How to Identify Them

3 min read 2023 May 30

In the last few decades, the idea surrounding burnout has been debated and argued among health professionals.  In 2019, the World Health Organization provided some clarification by definitively…

10 Best Tips to Improve Yourself

5 min read 2023 Apr 21

Do you have a role model or someone you look up to? Most people do, but have you ever wondered why? For many, role models are someone that…

Manage Your Stress the Healthy Way

4 min read 2023 Apr 12

Stress is inevitable.  Identifying the stressors in your life is the first step toward managing and eventually eliminating your stress. Luckily, Sensa helps you do just that! Let’s…

How to Control Stress at Work

5 min read 2023 Mar 16

Research suggests that nearly half of the workforce in the US experience stress at least several times a week – and this number is rising! It’s normal to…

Recovering from burnout caused by hustle culture

Recovering From Burnout: The Role of Hustle Culture

3 min read 2023 Feb 28

Discussions about how to recover from burnout – a condition of immense stress – have been on the rise in the past decade.  Many promote work-life balance and…

sticky notes with work-life balanced on a scale

Healthy Work-Life Balance: Make Time for Yourself and Your Needs

3 min read 2023 Jan 26

“It’s all about balance” is a common phrase when discussing healthy work-life balance. However, achieving it can be a challenging task for many.  With the demands of work,…

How I Got My Life Back on Track After I Burned Out at My Dream Job

8 min read 2022 Apr 15

“And one more thing, I would like this meeting to count as my two-week notice,” – I muttered as I was finishing my weekly presentation. At 35 years…

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