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    Sensa – your missing piece

    Empowering you to take control of your life and well-being.

    Self paced lessons app perk

    Self-paced lessons

    Healing at your own pace is a key factor in healing overall – which is why your lessons are daily, taking just 5-15 minutes of your time, and based on proven Cognitive Behavioral Therapy principles.

    Mindfulness exercises app perk

    Mindfulness exercises

    Sensa contains a plethora of activities, from deep breathing and meditation to mindfulness and bodily sensation exercises, there's something for every moment.

    Journal app perk


    By keeping track of your feelings, mood, and thoughts in the Journal, you are able to reflect back and analyze the patterns that emerge from each passing day.

    Personal insights app perk

    Personal insights

    Delve into your personal mood, productivity, and emotional insights to harness the power of tracking. Check your progress at a glance or take a deep-dive into your history.

    Habit building strategies app perk

    Habit-building strategies

    Forming healthy habits can help improve your quality of life by introducing positive reinforcement to your daily routine.

    Find your inner peace

    App QR code

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