The Power of Routines and Habits

2 min read 2023 May 3

Our routines and habits define who we are and what we’re going to achieve in life. Most of us have at least one bad habit, even if it’s…

burnout illustrated through battery life

Burnout: Causes, Types, and Treatment Options

10 min read 2023 Apr 28

Burnout – a term that’s been a part of general workplace discourse for the past few years – often appears to be disregarded as stress. However, while burnout…

10 Best Tips to Improve Yourself

5 min read 2023 Apr 21

Do you have a role model or someone you look up to? Most people do, but have you ever wondered why? For many, role models are someone that…

Manage Your Stress the Healthy Way

4 min read 2023 Apr 12

Stress is inevitable.  Identifying the stressors in your life is the first step toward managing and eventually eliminating your stress. Luckily, Sensa helps you do just that! Let’s…

How Mood Tracking With Sensa Improves Emotional Well-Being

2 min read 2023 Apr 7

Taking care of mental health can be arduous – it might take weeks to show the first promising results. However, research shows that mood tracking can significantly impact…

journal with a mental health plan

Designing a Personal Mental Health Plan: 4 Steps to Consider

3 min read 2023 Apr 5

Caring for your mental health is crucial to a happy, fulfilling life. However, the task can seem daunting when you don’t know where to start. That’s why having…

ADHD hyperactive type presented internally

Understanding ADHD: The Hyperactive Type

4 min read 2023 Mar 21

Ever felt like there’s a motor inside of you that makes you move around and do something? This is one of the ways that the ADHD hyperactive type…

How to Control Stress at Work

5 min read 2023 Mar 16

Research suggests that nearly half of the workforce in the US experience stress at least several times a week – and this number is rising! It’s normal to…

Impostor syndrome affecting a person

Self-Esteem Explained: Impostor Syndrome 

3 min read 2023 Mar 9

Ever thought that you tricked everyone into believing you’re a kind person, a qualified specialist, or just a great person in general? If the answer is yes, it’s…

a cat with a lion's shadow

Self-Confidence vs. Self-Esteem: the Differences, Similarities, and Ideas for Improvement

4 min read 2023 Mar 4

Could you say you’re a confident person? Many wouldn’t – it is estimated that roughly 85% of the world’s population has low self-esteem!  If the feelings of not…

Forming habits with a partner

4 Easy Strategies to Make Habits Stick for a Lifetime

4 min read 2023 Mar 2

After the hype of New Year’s resolutions faded, so did the progress for many – primarily because they experienced setbacks. The initial failure can make it seem like…

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